Exactly The Information You Need To Export To Gabon

Exporting to Gabon - PROGEC has commenced - Certificate of Conformity now required- Shipments arriving after the 20th May 2016, and not accompanied by the mandatory Certificate of Conformity, will be rejected and penalties applied.

With a rapidly expanding market for imports in Gabon and to help fulfill its responsibility to protect Gabonese consumers, the Agence Gabonaise de Normalisation (AGANOR) has implemented stringent and clear guidelines to inform exporters, and assure Gabonese consumers that imported products comply with applicable regulations.

This site has been designed by Intertek, an AGANOR Accredited Inspection Body to give companies exporting to Gabon, all the information they need about the Gabonese Conformity Assessment Programme called PROGEC (PROgramme Gabonais d’Evaluation de Conformité) and its requirements. Also included is contact information and a resource area containing essential documentation required for PROGEC compliance for Gabon.

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