GABON PROGEC - New Regulated Products Implementation from 1st January 2021

PROgramme Gabonais d’Evaluation de la Conformité (PROGEC) has recently introduced and expanded the programme to cover more Regulated Products under the scope of the Contract.

This is to remind you that the implementation date for the certification of these newly added Regulated Products will be from 01st January 2021. All Consumer Goods are regulated, except for live animal and animal products (HS Chapters 1 to 5), vegetable products (HS Chapters 6 to 14) and food products (HS Chapters 15 to 24). If you have any questions on the requirements on the newly Regulated Products under PROGEC, please contact your local Intertek Office.

All Regulated Products under the scope of PROGEC shall need a mandatory “Certificate of Conformity” issued by Approved Service Provider such as “Intertek”. Intertek assures of its full support and assistance in meeting the PROGEC requirements for the Regulated Products.

All the information you need on how to apply for a Certificate of Conformity for Exports to Gabon can be found within the Exporter/Importer Guidelines.

Contact your local Intertek office today for more information.

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